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04:15pm 30/01/2009
  So, this semester is pretty much amazing. It's the hardest semester I've ever had, with double the amount of work I've ever done in one semester in college, and I'm loving it! Why? Because I'm finally in a field that I care about. It's an amazing feeling.

Also, I'm starting to run experiments/do research next week. That, to me, is an amazing feeling. I actually get to help prove things, scientifically, about how the human mind works and how we act on a daily basis. This makes me feel like I'm actually contributing to the world.

I think I've decided on being a clinical psychologist, but not necessarily in the capacity that I would work with people that have psychological disorders. I want to do research on sex and sexual orientation, as well as gender, and since that's in the clinical field, I'll probably specialize in that. Hopefully, way down the road, I'd like to become a research professor. Here's to hoping I make it into a good grad school psychology program. Cheers!

My life is finally going in the direction that I want it. This is a good feeling.

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04:43pm 14/09/2008
  Rock Band 2 is awesome.  The set list is awesome.  Oh, and Jared?  Living on a Prayer is AWESOME.  =D  

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12:14am 15/07/2008
  I had an awesome time with Mike, Neva, Molly, Jubi, and Izzy tonight.  A little Monopoly, followed by an awesome game of Balderdash.  Anal dominatrix, a female fluctress, and an old man fart.  How much better does it get?  

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The Duncan "House"   
07:02pm 23/05/2008
  So.  Today was Mr. Duncan's daughter or niece or somebody's wedding, and we delivered to their "house", aka "castle", aka mansion.  And it cost $18 million dollars (the house, not the wedding).  We delivered flowers and stuff there, obviously, for the wedding - so I actually set foot in it.

Wow.  Really, no other words can express the crazyness/hugeness/amount of art/beautifulness of the insides of that behemoth.  Seriously - I think I even just made up words trying to explain it.  I won't even try to describe what all's in there...it's just nuts.  Let's leave it at that.

I also found the one part of the job I don't like - flexing roses.  *twitch*  Ugh, that part sucked.  A lot.  Oh well.

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More Work Stuff!   
06:14pm 22/05/2008
  So, yeah, I'm sure you're all getting sick and tired of hearing about my new job, but this is my journal, and you don't have to read it.  ;P

Anyway, work today was hectic - but no matter how busy we are (we have 6 weddings this weekend - 6.  Wow.), I still really, really enjoy it.  Also, Curtis and Conrad (my bosses/owners of the store) are going to reimburse me $100 of the money I spent on new clothes.  I told them they really didn't have to, but they insisted (probably because they didn't really like how I was dressing before yesterday.  Heh.).  So, that's nifty.  Also, Richard and I went to pick up some things from Curtis and Conrad's house - HOLY CRAP.  They really ARE loaded.  The house is right next door to the Duncan's house (from Duncan Aviation), and it's ridiculously huge.  And nice.  And worth a couple million dollars.  Jeez.  All that money from owning a flower shop.  I'm in the wrong major.

Oh, and Duncan's spread is pretty cool, too - I mean, they have stone chess pieces the size of a human being.  Now that's something I can appreciate, art-wise.  =)

Also, I go back to work tonight at 9:00 to pick up our stuff from a party they're having right now at the Quilt Center.  Luckily, I was told I can count the drive time there and back as working, which will be nice, because otherwise the gas would rape me.  I put $60 into my tank yesterday.  $60!  Ugh.

I've gotten a lot of compliments on my new clothes thus far.  It's nice to actually feel attractive...haha.

For my lunch break today, I went to Big Apple Bagels...remind me to go there for every lunch.  One bagel + cream cheese + coffee = full for $3.  Plus, the employees were pretty cool.

And speaking of coffee...I've drank about 6-7 cups (12-20oz) today.  I think it's my new addiction.  Ah well - I like it.  =D

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